7 Awesome Men’s Jewelry Trends for Students to Rock on Campus

Contrary to popular belief, men also love wearing accessories and jewelry. These details of outfit can highlight the status, character, or masculinity, to say the least.

For centuries, men have recognized only gold, silver, and gems. Today, however, men’s trends include jewelry made of wood, stones, and other decorative materials.

Even though the term ‘men’s jewelry’ is still sometimes associated with an unattractive stigma, the industry develops and grows. And so does the society. Many talented designers, both men, and women, create new collections to fit even the pickiest customer.

Content writers from https://essaypro.com say that given the scope of the jewelry-associated orders they complete, jewelry designers will have a lot of work to do in the nearest future. As for now, let’s discuss several awesome men’s jewelry trends that even students can afford.

Men Can Wear Necklaces

7 Awesome Men’s Jewelry Trends for Students to Rock on Campus

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For many years, necklaces were mostly associated with women. They usually have plenty of choices when it comes to shapes, adornment, ornamentation, and other characteristics. However, recently, necklaces have become more recognized in men’s jewelry, too.


In a wide variety of necklaces and chains available to men right now, mid-chest necklaces, dog tags, and classic chains are the most notable. They can help you highlight your uniqueness and style. It is important to match them with the right clothes, though.

Cufflinks Fashion

7 Awesome Men’s Jewelry Trends for Students to Rock on Campus

Given the fact that some young people now prefer a more classy outfit to T-shirts and jeans, it is important to highlight the trend of wearing cufflinks. Do not think that it is out of fashion. Cuffs can bring the whole look together, giving it a more sophisticated feel.


Many jewelry brands are working hard to create beautiful yet affordable collections of cufflinks. Their variety is also impressive. You will definitely find what fits you best among various shapes and gems.

Lapels and Tie Pins

If you give preference to suits and ties, you would be excited to find out that lapels and tie pins are still the key to a classic men’s outfit. Whatever the occasion you attend, it will not be wrong to make a subtle statement wearing these.


It is best to balance them if you choose to wear both. Make sure the color of the metal matches your other accessories. Check the shape and ornament and ensure they are not too catchy.

King Rings

Fashion favors men’s rings. Today, men prefer massive rings that are often symbolic. For example, students and alumni often choose to wear college or fraternity rings to highlight the group to which they belong.

Such rings often fit various styles. They can be worn with a t-shirt, jeans and a dog-tag necklace as well as with a formal suit and tie. The variety of such rings also inspires. They all strive to appeal to brotherhood and bonding. Thus, the ornaments encrypted on them often have a symbolic meaning.

Stack Bracelets

7 Awesome Men’s Jewelry Trends for Students to Rock on Campus

source: https://unsplash.com/photos/ryVaXaOJO2Q

Bracelets are new men’s passion in the jewelry industry. They tend to choose bracelets manufactured of different materials, including both silver and gold, as well as leather and wood.


Yet, the trend has moved towards minimal. Simple things are combined together in one bracelet. However, it is possible to wear two or three different bracelets to create a set and make it look more masculine.


No matter how controversial these pieces of jewelry are, some men indeed look cool with studs or ring piercings. If properly styled, earrings add to masculinity and unique style.


The men’s fashion has made a recourse from denying earrings to accepting them. Today, most men’s jewelry collections include earrings as key elements. Most importantly, given a variety of choices, earrings can easily fit both a classic suit and tie as well as a T-shirt and sports shoes.

Simple Wedding Bands

With the industry growing and expanding, it would be logical to assume that wedding jewelry fashion would change, too. However, old-rooted traditions still prevail when it comes to men’s wedding bands.


Simple round rings are still the number one choice among men. Most of them see this jewelry as a tradition rather than a decoration. Thus, they try to keep it with little to no adornment. Several gems or ornamentation is acceptable, though.

Final Words

It would be wrong to associate jewelry fashion with females only. Men contribute to its development too by accepting and experimenting with different shapes and materials.


From rings and necklaces, men see jewelry as an instrument to emphasize their uniqueness and style or make a statement. Even those traditionally female pieces of jewelry, such as earrings and necklaces, do not look feminine anymore.


A mix of colors, styles, and materials help men set trends in the jewelry industry. By mixing both contemporary and classic, they hit the new ground. It resonates with all types of men.

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