Jeffrey Loloi Founder of seven50 - the celebrity producer

SEVEN50 was founded in 2015 by Jeffrey Loloi, an Italian native born and raised in the beautiful city of Milan. Jeffrey started his jewelry company with a desire to create pieces with a taste in art, design and beauty for today’s every day, modern consumer. Considering Italy is well known for their high craftsmanship and finest attention to manufacturing, Jeffrey was ensured that his creations were being made with superior quality. SEVEN50’s factory is responsible for all supply operations and Jeffrey makes it a priority to hand select his well-trained staff of artisans and jewelry designers.


As SEVEN50 began to quickly grow, innovative designer Jeffrey saw an opportunity to grow his business further and had a new approach on how to create and sell his jewelry. He realized that different target markets and trends exist in a vast range of up-to-date consumers, and what better way to capture these differences than through the use of different jewelry lines and social media.


By expanding into a managing firm, Jeffrey started his different lines by designing jewelry with public figures, celebrities, and fashion bloggers. SEVEN50 meets with each figure and collaborates with him to create jewelry which resonates with him based off of personal experiences, interests and tastes. Once sketches are finalized, SEVEN50 launches the exclusive line and markets through the use of social media, our company website, and the figure’s own personal website.

Currently SEVEN50 now resides in New York, the very driven and brand-focused capital of the world, where marketing and distribution occurs. This past year, SEVEN50 has extended their managing list of bloggers and celebrities enormously as we pride ourselves in superior, jewelry design and personalization.

The name " SEVEN50 " derives from the gold in jewelry , that is
linked to one or more metals with the purpose of increa sing the
rigidity , the coloring can be white or red depending on the type of alloy .
Yellow and white gold is composed of 75% pure gold and the
remaining from other materials .