A Day With Jaye Kaye

jaye kaye jewels x seven50 fashion jewelry

The jewelry line I designed for SEVEN50 is inspired by geometric shapes and dimensions. Coming from a profession that mainly focuses on two dimensional visuals I decided to use the shift towards three dimensional thinking as jewelry designer as inspiration for my jewelry line. Every piece represents a dimensional object, that is to say: lines, squares and cubes. This results in a very simplistic and refined collection balancing between minimalism and elegance.

jaye jaye jewels x seven50


The need of expressing my creativity has always dominated my life, since I was young I've been designing, drawing, painting, and loved to explore and expand my creativity by visiting museums, attending dance performances and theater shows and by traveling. Later on I turned towards photography and enjoyed both taking pictures and being model for various photographers and brands. Eventually I taught myself how to use these skills digitally and decided to develop this even more by going to art school and pursue a career in graphic design and art direction. My goal in life is to express and enrich my creativity through various mediums and art forms and find new ways of doing so. This is why I'm very excited to present my jewelry collection I designed together with SEVEN50.

jaye kaye jewels x seven50

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