Andrea Denver| From the Catwalk to Corporate

Andrea Denver, an Italian Fashion model, has been featured on the cover of Men’s Health, BMW’s commercials, and in Taylor Swift’s music video “Blank Space,” with over two billion views. His client roster boasts brands such as: Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Abercrombie, and Jeep. It is no secret the model has become a powerful force (or other words) on social media with more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram, 81k on Facebook, and 15.3k on Twitter. Denver’s ability to captivate his audience is no secret but his talent stretches far beyond the camera lens.

Andrea Denver| From the Catwalk to Corporate

Denver displays “model behavior” at photoshoots, on catwalks, and also in the boardroom as he finds himself on the other side of the lens as a formidable businessman in the corporate world. In pursuit of his dreams, the entrepreneur gives new meaning to being “fashion-forward”. Denver proves to be more than “just a model” establishing himself as a jewelry designer and C-level executive. Recently, he designed a jewelry line in collaboration with Seven50 and released it under his own independent brand, Andver.  The collection offers minimalistic designs that still feel luxurious using the highest quality gold and diamonds. Much like the model-creator, the designs are made in Italy, sold internationally, and catch everyone’s eye. Each piece is just as sexy as the creator himself.  The company provides consumers with sleek, modern choices still giving options at varying price points.  To shop for the latest trends visit

Andrea Denver| From the Catwalk to Corporate

Denver has always been a firm believer in investing in fitness, health, and wellness.  The model’s personal results are evidence of his prowess empowering others to make smart wellness choices.  This year, he has taken fitness beyond modeling and gone corporate with his new role as acting Director of Global Integrated Communications & Influencer Marketing of 1and1life. The health and wellness space can be complex for consumers constantly bombarded with opinions. Visit   for content that cuts through the noise helping to simplify consumer’s purchases in this space.

Andrea Denver| From the Catwalk to Corporate

Denver wants to share his new venture with his fans. So, he decided to team up with 1and1life to launch a collaborative contest. Starting January 1st through January 30th, contest winners can take home some exclusive merchandise and a signed autograph from Denver. 

To enter: 

1.  Go to Instagram.  Follow, both, accounts: @andverjewelry and @1and1life

2.  Email in body of email include the following information:

     Name, mailing address, email, phone number, Instagram (@name) 

3.  A winner will be selected at random from emails received.  

4.  Winner is announced after our team verifies they folloW: @andverjewelry and @1and1life 


Winner receives 1and1life merchandise (a few shirts and hats), a handwritten note, an autographed picture from Andrea Denver.  


Andrea Denver| From the Catwalk to Corporate