We all know that celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, and Kate Hudson always look fierce and its obviously because they have access to the best (and most expensive) designers.
But, if you look around, you know that pretty much every major runway fashion trend is accessible to you due to fast-fashion. We're talking about price-friendly jewelry designs that will make you look like you just spent 10K. Read ahead and you can discover some of the under $100 styles that celebrities, and soon you, won't be able to get enough of!

Layered Choker Look
The layered choker look is super versatile. It can be worn with casual outfits as well as evening or date wear. Kendall Jenner sports this type of accessorized on-the-go look well. Get Kylie's look with this Multi Chain Layered Choker from the Roses Cloud Collection at Seven50.

Kylie Jenner SEVEN50 Jewelry

Diamond Ear Cuff Look
A diamond ear cuff is definitely a statement piece. It goes great with shorter hairstyles (long hair would cover it up) and is perfect for evening or formal wear. It can also be used to polish a more casual look. See how Jennifer Lawrence sports her diamond ear cuff look flawlessly. Get Jennifer's look from Seven50 with this Complete Earcuff by Jessica Michel Serfaty.
Jennifer Lawrence SEVEN50 Jewelry

Body Chain Look
Body chains are one of the sexiest accessories on the market. It's usually worn with bikinis or low cut swimwear, or outfits that show a lot of skin so you can see the chain. Its a great way to spice up any casual or upscale outfit. Rihanna is often seen sporting body chains. Get Rihanna's look with this High Neck Body Chainby Jessica Michel Serfaty from Seven50.
Rihanna SEVEN50 Jewelry
Layered Chain Look
The layered necklace look is chic and fun. It's great with casual outfits, giving them a little bling without being overbearing. Kate Hudson wears a lot of layered necklace looks. Replicate this style with this Textured Double Circular Necklace from the Roses Cloud Collection at Seven50.
Kate Hudson SEVEN50 Jewelry
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