Charlie Matthews is an American model and fashion & jewellery enthusiast with his own jewellery line. Growing up, Charlie had a fondness for sports, but his parents got him into pursuing a career in modelling, something which he doesn't regret as he as met a diverse range of people through it and enjoys trailing the world. Sounds like the ideal life right? Let's hear it from Charlie himself. 

Tell us a bit about you and your background.

My name is Charlie Matthews and I grew up in a small town in Yorba Linda, California.  I played sports all my life such as baseball, basketball, track/field, and golf.  During some down time, I played video games professionally on xbox livehalo 2 & 3.  When college came about I went 2 years at Cal State Fullertonmajoring in graphic designed and film productions. Then I got scouted and the rest is history.

What got you into modelling? 

My parents wanted me to pursue it.


How were you discovered? 

I got scouted walking out of my car from the grocery store called Stater Bros where I use to work at in a small town in Yorba Linda.


Can you name one of your favourite campaigns and images so far and why?  

I would say booking my first campaign in New York for Nautica was definitely on top of my list because it set the bar high for me to start my modelling career in New York. It gave me a lot of exposure.


What are up upsides and downsides of being a model?  

The upsides of modelling is traveling the world and meeting a diversity of friends and people I worked with and the downside of it is you constantly have to be on your phone 24/7 making sure you don’t have any last minute castings that come up, following up on payments, making sure you are 100% ready and on top of things.

What advice would you give to young male models starting their career now?  

My advice to young models out there starting is keep hustling and find the right person or agency who is willing to commit to you to reach for the stars. Also build up your social media following because it plays a major role now especially in this generation.

"Keep hustling and find the right person or agency who is willing to commit to you.

Tell us about your new venture: Charlie Matthews Jewels.

Last year I got more into fashion and decided to buy accessories when I was shopping at 5th Avenue in New York City and at the same time a company reached out to me and gave me an amazing opportunity to start my own jewellery line.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to start a successful collection under my name.


How do you choose the styles, colours and materials for your collection?                                          
I wanted something cool and edgy that can stand out from the other bracelets made out there. The colours I used for this collection were black, gold, silver, blue pearl, rose gold and materials are stainless steel and there for both sexes.


What’s your favourite piece out of the entire range?

My favourite piece is the most popular one - the bubble gold ‘hamsa’ bracelet.


Where can we shop Charlie Matthews Jewels?

You can shop at