Body jewelry has become extremely popular. Its chic and sexy. Body jewelry is also very versatile and can be worn with beach wear, casual outfits, upscale outfits, or pretty much any outfit that you want to add a little sex appeal to.

One great example is this High Neck Body Chain by Jessica Michel Serfaty that will compliment any look. Women like to show a little skin, and they love to bling that skin out. Here are a few tips to look good while sporting some amazing body jewelry.

Tip #1 - Don't mix and match too much. Let your body jewelry compliment your other jewelry.
Try to keep your jewelry colors in the same palette and don't wear statement pieces everywhere. Try to have one item that is the central focus, like maybe a nice belt, or a nice necklace like this Multi Tassel Charm Layer Necklace from Seven50 and let your other pieces compliment that. You don't want your jewelry pieces competing for attention with your other jewelry, clothes, make up, and hair. Check out Keri Hilson as her body chain completely compliments her entire look.

Tip #2 - Be mindful of what you wear so your body jewelry doesn't snag something.
Body jewelry looks good and makes you feel great, but if it gets caught up in something, that can be unpleasant and embarrassing. Avoiding mesh material and lace while wearing body jewelry is some good advice, unless your body jewelry happens to be in a belly piercing and you are wearing a crop top. Here is an example of Jennifer Aniston wearing a body chain that is definitely not getting snagged on anything.

Tip #3 - Sometimes less is more.
Body jewelry can be so amazing that you don't need a lot of other jewelry. Having that one stand out piece exudes class and sexiness, especially when paired with the right outfit. Here is an amazing example of Janet Jackson sporting the less is more look.

Tip #4 - Don't wear a body chain that is too tight.
Wearing a body chain that is too tight is uncomfortable, awkward, and could potentially lead to injury. It won’t be cute and you could break the jewelry you paid good money for. Body chains are meant to be a little loose and flowy. Check out this amazing Yellow Bra Chain with a Snake Pendant .

Tip #5 - Make sure you buy good, quality body jewelry.
Buying quality body jewelry is important, especially if you are going to wear it in water. You don't want jewelry that will change colors, rust, break, or worse irritate your skin or turn your skin different colors while you’re having fun at the beach or a pool party.

Wearing body jewelry is fun, exciting, sexy, elegant, and a great way to show off your personal style. Follow these tips to wear your body jewelry or bra chain while blinging out.