Jessica Michel Serfaty jewels x seven50

jessica michel x seven50

Jessica Michel is a artist living and working in Los Angeles, California. She travels the world in pursuit of inspiration and experience. Jessica has spent much of her life dedicated to sampling and learning the tastes of different people and cultures. One of the things that is a constant source of joy and enlightenment for Jessica, is on these travels the realization of how always, there is still so much for us to know about each other and ourselves. 


About the line - 


Michel by SEVEN50 is designed and produced by Jessica Michel. It is a collection that encompasses a chic, cool, beauty whilst emphasizing a powerful expression of femininity and strength.  Inspiration has been drawn from the artist travels around the world and experiences more close to home. Each piece is ideal for a number of occasions, whether that be a glamorous evening, dinner with that special one or catch up coffee with friends. 

  jessica michel x seven50