L'ETAGE MAGAZINE x Andrea Denver

Andrea Denver is an Italian fashion model on the rise who has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and a face that your girlfriend or boyfriend can easily fall in love with.

Thus far in his career, the high fashion muse has graced the cover of Men’s Health and appeared in Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” music video which has over two billion views to date. Adding to his spicy resume, he’s modeled for Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, and Brooks Brothers.

L'etage magazine x andrea denver

Now, as Denver continues his rise to the top, he has gone beyond the expectations of his fans with the launch of Andver Jewels. The unisex jewelry collection offers a multitude of luxurious yet minimalistic styles. Each piece proves its versatility, can be worn casually, and at a fancy function.

L'etage magazine x andrea denver

Just like how Denver invests time into his own beauty, he makes sure he has found the time to invest in his remarkable Andver Jewels collection. Proving this each precious treasure is made with the highest quality gold and diamonds.

Pushing his brand even further, recently, Denver teamed up with Black Pyramid’s Director of Photography, Cavier. The two met over social media and from their interaction they could tell that their creative partnership would blossom into a special collaboration.

After their conversation, Cavier would contact Peter Paul, the Director of Brand Marketing for Maxima Apparel which encompasses Black Pyramid, Rich Star Brands, Pro standard, and much more.

Paul who has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry as former Creative Director for Tommy Hilfiger would then double down and enlist Cavier to customize a photoshoot highlighting Andver Jewels and the rest was history.  

Make sure to take a peek at the recent collab here. Also, if you’re interested in investing in some Andver Jewels or the “Cavier Menu” click respectively.




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