Elizabeth Wheeland jewels for seven50

Elizabeth Wheeland is an actress and model known for her. Through sharing photos of her life, Elizabeth has attracted a lot of attention devoted to worldwide. She is most at home in an urban environment and has a strong love for the hustle and bustle of New York City and London. She finds inspiration from plays, museums and old noir films. Elizabeth has a fondness for jazz and blues music and loves to sing jazz standards as well.

elizabeth wheeland jewels for seven50

About the collection: 

Elizabeth Wheeland Jewels is a modern spin on vintage jewelry pieces. Simple, chic and effortless designs that you can mix and match and wear daily. I'm a very fuss girl and I'm always on the go.Less is more with Elizabeth Wheeland Jewels, yellow gold jewelry that with a timeless add, vintage flare to your style. 

elizabeth wheeland jewels for seven50