Men's Rings History: Be Original

The history of men's jewelry dates back to the Stone Age. Back then, rings were made from natural elements, such as claws, teeth, or ferns of animals they were hunting. But men rings evolved over time and transformed into a chic and interesting piece of accessories many men choose to wear nowadays. 

They come in different sizes and patterns and are a symbol of status. But how has this piece of jewelry evolved over the years? 

The History of Men Rings

Evidence that men wore jewelry is obvious if we look at paintings, old photos, or read history books. Rings were used by Roman and Greek emperors as a status symbol. They were usually wearing the ring on the pinky finger and were using their rings to seal documents. They thought that their rings are unique, but here a black market of fakes emerged.

However, men's rings have evolved over the years and were used as tools of the state. Only the emperor or leader of the state was wearing a specific unique ring. So, whenever he left for some days, his substitute got to wear the ring of the state.

All in all, rings were and are still used as a sign of identification with a specific trend, idea, or culture. Later on, they began to be used to symbolize marriage, and they need to be worn on the ring finger on the left hand. 

Nowadays, men's rings have changed in appearance and design, but most of them also keep a piece of history to them. They are now used to accessorize incredible outfits, to add a touch of personality, and to send a message. According to a cheap assignment writing service uk, the options of rings for men are much broader now, and you have plenty of designs, patterns, and colors to choose from. 

Here are some of the best types of rings for men that will help you be original and show your personality. 

Thumb Rings 

Thumb rings are not so popular nowadays, but their popularity is slowly growing. However, if you are looking for originality, you should choose this type of ring. It catches the attention instantly, as the thumb finger is not usually used for wearing rings. 

Especially if you are wearing rings on your other fingers, it would be advised to not overcrowd them. So, the thumb ring is a great choice for men that want to show a message about their personality. Most designs are with skulls from stainless steel, but you will surely find other designs and patterns too. 


Signet Rings 

Signet rings, as the name suggests, were used to seal and sign documents by imprinting the ring on wax or ink. So, they need to have a symbol or a sign on them. They are usually made of gold and silver and the best thing about them is that you get to decide on the sign. They are pretty old-school, so you can find some amazing rings in antique fairs. But if you want a unique design, you can make your own or work with a jewelry company. 


Pinky Rings 

Pinky rings are worn on the pinky finger. Signet rings can also be worn on the pinky finger, but not necessarily. Designs of pinky rings for men are usually very comfortable to wear and pleasant to look at. They are simple but with a huge visual effect. They can be made of different materials and you can choose if you want something engraved. 

Men's Rings History: Be Original : Pinky Ring


Wedding Rings 

Wedding rings are usually worn on the ring finger on the left hand, even though more and more men choose to flexibly wear them. They are usually from gold or silver and they are used to send a message about your relationship status.

Even though almost all wedding rings have basic designs, this tiny world is slowly developing and more and more interesting and catchy patterns and designs are available for wedding rings. 

Men's Rings History: Be Original / Wedding Rings



The history of men’s rings dates back to ancient times when they were more basic in design and made of natural elements. However, they have evolved over the years, being a symbol of the state, of status, and the communion between two people. Rings were used to signing and sealing official documents and to show and send a message about one’s status and relationship status. 

Nowadays, the rings for men are nice and colorful accessories that can make the difference and help you get attention. They can be made from different materials and have different engravings or signs, as well as colors. They can help you add a chic touch to your outfit while showing your personality. 

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