New York Men’s Fashion Week FW 2017\18 with Andrea Melchiorre

andrea melchiorre jewels x seven50


Is a little bit strange thinking about me and how many things I’ve done in the last few years …. I would never thought of being able to achieve all this.

Usually I do many things and I’ve always busy days, time goes too fast for me …. I know I have to stop myself to thinking about me … to look back.

Also this makes me reflect about many mistakes, missed opportunity, doors sockets on my face …. I sign everything and I use These experiences to avoid mistakes again tomorrow.

Besides the fact to try growing and evolving in many ways I also avoid to think too much about the future, because i end up with an absurd anxiety beat!

I am ambitious, I do not easily settle, I demand the maximum from me as from others …. I can not help it … I could not do otherwise.

Push more and more, always better, always raise the bar …. try new roads … I’m passionate about this.

The passion is on the base.

For better or for worse I always play everything myself with maximum sincerity and transparency.

At 23, I have done nothing … I know it … but for who I was, where I came from … what I thought …. in a short time I’ve changed so much … I grew up .. ..I have evolved and all this as the beginning makes me shudder …

Today I like what I do: I made my passion my job, my world and I am proud of it!

From New York hug all of you!



andrea melchiorre jewels x seven50


andrea melchiorre jewels x seven50