I grew up in Canada with my mother, father and two younger brothers. My mother was always very creative and could make me just about anything I asked for. My dad used to draw, so I would see his drawings and watch my mom on her sewing machine my whole life! Art was my favorite class in school along with Drama. Entertaining people and making things to wear was my favorite thing to do. As I got older I began modeling, making my own clothes and designing jewelery for myself and all of my friends. I would sit in front of the TV and just make bracelets, necklaces and earrings all day until my fingers bled. I eventually got very busy with modeling and traveling so I had to put it aside for a while until I could take it more seriously. I've lived and worked all over the world. I've been modeling since the age of 16 as a full time career, it's my life and I love what I do! I'm very well rounded when it comes to travel, I've seen so many different trends all over the world and worked with some of my favorite models and actresses. Fashion is one of my biggest passions along with animals and animal rights. I have my own style, I like to see what's trending, but I don't like to copy it.. I like to make it my own so I often take it apart or alter it. I have my own Swimwear line Nia Lynn Collection that will launch summer 2017. I had so much fun designing it, but still something was missing. I wanted jewelery that could complement the body, that I didn't have to take off and that wouldn't tarnish. This is what led me to decide I'm going to design my own jewelery line as well. 


About Nia Lynn Jewels 


Nia Lynn Jewels is a mixture of me and 2 very special ladies in my life.. my niece and my mother.  People who are not into wearing a lot of jewelery like myself will love Nia Lynn Jewels because it's hardly there jewelery! I like simple.. sleek... timeless jewelery. Trends die off fast, and I get board easily. This is why I chose a very fragile collection. It speaks confidence, it speaks class and it's timeless. Nia Lynn Jewels is something u don't have to take off and you can wear it with anything. Its for all ages, It's comfortable, it's sexy, and I hope you fall in love with it. I've designed pieces in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and Silver. 


Note to my customers:


Thank you so much for your continuous support! It's so rewarding to see people wearing something I have so long dreamed of. Nia Lynn is a piece of me, and now it's a piece of you. Love always, Nicole Williams xo.