Top 7 Trends on Necklace In 2020

Summer is here and this means that your neck started seeing the sun. Until now we were used to using scarfs because the weather was rainy, but the sun is back in the sky and we can now go for summery outfits. 

 And because every year comes with different trends, so does 2020. There are new swimwear trends, as well as jewelry ones that show you what is trendy this year, what to wear and how to combine different outfit elements.

 At the same time, some fashion trends are fresh and new, while others are old but combined differently. All in all, 2020 is the year of necklaces, and here are 7 trends of this year. 

  1. Pearl Necklace 

 Pearl necklaces might be thought of as being boring, dull, uninteresting, obsolete, and so on. But in fact, pearl necklaces are back in trend. If someone would usually shy away from them, as they are delicate and should be combined with the entire outfit, men celebrities began to use it. Starting with Harry Styles, who combined a pearl necklace with a casual and classic outfit. 

 There are many other celebrities who kind of returned to the vintage and old, such as Jonas Brothers, Billy Porter, Pharrell Williams, or Shawn Mendes. The thing is, a pearl necklace gives you a different vibe, say fashion experts from college paper writing services. And they are used both by men and women. 


  1. Shell Necklace 

 With all the events that took place in the world in the last years, more and more fashion brands and designers choose to use elements from nature in their designs. Shell necklaces are in trends this year and the signs are that they are here to stay. 

 There are many shell necklace options and designs, and all can be combined beautifully with your outfit. You can go for shell necklaces that are more beach-like, which have shells with a more natural look. Or you can choose more elegant options, with shells from metal and that are more polished. 


  1. Colorful Necklace 

 The latest years have been marked by a spectacular use and combination of colors. And so, 2020 is the year of colorful jewelry. This year you will not see only monochrome necklaces, but full of colors. There are some nice and beautiful options from Roxanne Assoulin that make you think of freedom and give you good vibes. 

 Some of them are quite simple while others are full of gems. It is up to you which one you choose, but no matter your choice, that colorful necklace will complete your outfit. 

  1. Tennis Necklace 

 Tennis necklaces are up in this trend and ready to conquer this year. If you are more into a spectacular, glowing, and bright look, then you should invest in a tennis necklace. It is a string of small diamonds or gems which can glow at your neck and make you look amazing while completing your outfit. 


  1. Ultra-Long Necklace 

 Ultra-long necklaces were in fashion 10 years ago and now they are up in the trends again. They can easily turn out to be the accessories that complete your outfit. Ultra-long necklaces can easily be accessories with summer outfits, such as dresses or shirts, and fall outfits too. 



  1. Beaded Necklace

 2020 is the year of freedom and beaded necklaces symbolize this. They are exactly what a summer outfit needs: color. They come in small sizes but in all colors. 

 The beads can be from wood, ceramic, glass, or stone and can have more than one form. You can find square or cubic beads. They symbolize protection and can incredibly enhance your outfit. 


  1. Charm Necklace 

 It is interesting how some old trends are becoming trendy again. Charm necklaces are back in the game. There are many combinations, from modern to vintage or from long to short chain. They can be minimalist and add a touch of personality to your outfit, or give you an impressive statement look. 

 They are pretty versatile and because there are so many options, you can choose to look bolder and charming with this kind of necklace. 

18k gold plated 925 sterling silver micro iced out crown pave black onyx rectangular shape  pendant necklace with miami curb link chain by seven50


2020 is the year of freedom and versatility. Necklaces that most people used to shy away from are now back in the game, such as the pearl or charm necklace.

But 2020 is also the year of colors, so beaded, shell, and colorful necklaces are top accessories to complete your outfit. Choose the ones that best fit your personality and do not shy away from trying bold and charming combinations. 


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