Unexpected Retro Trend: Vest & Wallet Chains


Historically vest and wallet chains, when popular, have dominated men’s fashion, but have had less of a following in women’s fashion. Now, in a wonderful time where fashion, and attitudes are more fluid, vest and wallet chains are popping up in women’s fashion too! And why not? Women have always been just as bad ass as men, but now, women are more empowered than ever, men are more woke than ever, and society, while still evolving too slowly for most of us on a variety of issues, is catching up with the universality of equality. Chains for everyone! 

There are a variety of fashion images that can come to mind when one starts to ponder adding chains to their wardrobe. Depending on your age, your musical bent, and cinematic escapades, it could range from bikers with Harleys and utility leathers, metal-ish rockers from twenty-years ago with flannel shirts and perfectly messed up hair, strutting disco superstars ready for a night with no limits, or, even a Victorian steampunk fantasy man like Nikola Tesla. Chains seem to resurge in fashion even more than flared denim and chunky shoes. 

Wallet Chain

For people who are taking up chains again, or, for the first time, you just have to decide - do you want your chains functional, fashionable, or both. There are options for incorporating chains into your look like we haven’t really had before. Of course, the most traditional wallet chain that everyone has seen is the chain that is actually attached to a wallet, popularized by bikers who don’t want to lose their precious wallets while they are flying down the highway. There are other options, for people who just want the chain look, but don’t need to secure a wallet. 

Some of our favorites are actually in our own collections including chains that you can hook one end to a belt loop above your front pocket, and the other end to a belt loop above your back pocket. This is a look equally at home on men and women. Definitely check out this cube wallet chain if you want something metal, and classic looking, co-designed by Andrea Melchiorre, an Italian Fashion Blogger based out of Milan.

Cube Wallet Chain SEVEN50

We also boast a variety of other styles if you want something   bit edgy, or a bit hipster. If you are looking for a little edge, but something soft too, check out this Canvas Wallet Chain. It is perfect for the little bit tough, sensitive soul look. 

Vest chains are another throwback look we really like, from a more classic looking Flat Mariner Vest Chain, to a classic and funky Rope Vest Chain. They are perfect for securing that your vest stays closed, or just giving a simple vest a little bling, reminiscent of the days of the pocket watch.

Vest Chain SEVEN50

If you decide to go the way of the chain and add a little metal to your look, you will be in good company. A number of celebrities have been photographed showing off their metal, including, David Beckham, Jennifer Garner, Eva Longoria, Adam Brody, and Bella Hadid, just to name a few. 


Bella Hadid Wallet ChainDavid Beckham Wallet Chains

Go out, get yourself some chains, embrace the metal and make it your own. Accessorizing with chains can be as hard or soft as you decide to make it. Play with the trend and have fun.

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