Go east. In 2011, Shane Vitaly Foran answered his inner voice. Life was grinding him down. Craving a breather from a busy work and school schedule, he made a pilgrimage to Ubud, a quaint Bali town teeming with craftspeople. He sketched his first piece of jewelry there — a two-finger ring made from black wood. When he returned to Toronto, his skateboarder, tattoo artist and DJ friends clamoured after the spare architectural pieces he brought back, so he decided to merge his business smarts with his newfound artistic outlet.

Fast-forward four years, and everyone is wearing Vitaly. Over 400 fashion retailers in Canada, the US, Europe, Asia and Australia carry the brand’s unmistakable pieces. Since graduating from wood, there have been countless new designs that experiment with stainless steel, titanium, tungsten and ceramics.

To keep up with ever-quickening demand, Shane makes bi-annual trips to Shenzhen to mock up his concepts right on the factory floor. Fuelled by the machine-shop process, he takes inspiration from the industrial nature of the manufacturing process, resulting in the structural, contemporary accessories Vitaly has become known for.

[With words by Elizabeth Pagliacolo, for Designlines Magazine]