Who is Andrea Salento known as Andrea Denver

Andrea Salerno, more commonly known as Andrea Denver, was born in Verona, Italy, and is 27 years old. Andrea's favorite NBA team is the Denver Nuggets, which is where "Denver" in Andrea Denver comes from.

He is an Italian supermodel that is represented by Soul Artist Management NYC, Wilhelmina Miami, Wilhelmina Los Angeles, PMA Germany, Next UK, KULT Australia, and UNO Spain. He has done work for Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Mac Cosmetics, Brooks Brothers, Colcci Brazil, Abercrombie & Fitch, Diadora, Daks London and Daks Sport just to name a few. He has modeled in Jennifer Lopez' "I Luh Ya Papi" music video, and was the second male model in Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" music video, which amassed almost 2 billion YouTube views.  

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Andrea holds a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Verona and loves classical literature.

He's a world traveler, and speaks fluent Italian, English and a little bit of German.

Sports (specifically soccer and basketball), staying fit, being fashionable and jewelry designing are all passions of Andrea's. He loves his home country of Italy, and wants to use his reach and influence to share with others his love of fitness, fashion, personal jewelry and self-improvement.

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About the Collection

I was born in Verona, Italy; an ancient city, where everything from the streets to the monuments, from the churches to the palaces, speak of art. I was still a child and my gaze was already drawn by the beauty of the shapes and colors of my city. Full of curiosity, during walks with my parents I used to ask them to tell me the origin and history of the monuments we encountered and slowly I learned to recognize that art is often harmony. But I also realized it is the fruit of bold and original choices, in which the artist wants to express himself and his vision of the world through his work This passion has accompanied me over the years, all through high school and university. Now however, I am no longer satisfied with studying and deepening the topics of my interest, but I feel the need to express my creativity and to communicate with others through my creations what inspires me. That’s why I have now decided to create a jewerly line.


To me The jewels represent a person's beauty and a bit of their vanity. A beautiful jewel strikes our gaze, even before touching it. We choose it without knowing why. We feel it is right for us and we want it. What drives us in the art of choosing is a pleasant feeling. This also happened to me as I designed the line of my jewelry. While the sketch was becoming more and more defined, I felt that my creation reflected some of the features that I have always enjoyed in creations: the simplicity of shape and color.